Imagine bringing along a product that’s the size of a flipbook to cover all your makeup needs: from blush to bronzer and highlighter. Sounds like a dream?

That’s what many TikTokers thought of the Flesh Flipbook too.

Many of them tried the product for themselves and shared their reviews on it.

Credit: @hudaheidi, @youngcouture

What is the Flesh Flipbook?

If you often struggle with choosing makeup essentials while traveling, Flesh Beauty has made it easier for you. Their “flipbook” allows you to carry your must-have products without bulky packaging.

The name evoke images of animated illustrations that comes to life with each flick of the pages, and that’s because the product looks like it. However, instead of beautiful illustrations, it contains pages of pigment that you can use as makeup.

There are a total of 100 sheets brimming with blush, bronzer, and highlighter in each book, ready to add a touch of magic to your makeup routine when you’re out and about.


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Now you can streamline your beauty routine on-the-go with the convenience of a small flipbook that includes highlighter, bronzer, and blush. This clever design saves space while ensuring you have everything you need for a flawless look.

What do TikTokers think about it?


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Tiktoker @youngcouture is among those who find the makeup flip book truly exceptional. The process was as simple as tearing up a sheet from the flipbook and swipping it across the face.

Credit: @youngcouture

She was deeply impressed by how effortlessly it could be used and noticed a visible difference after applying the sheets of makeup onto her face.

The effortless usability of the makeup sheets deeply impressed her, and upon applying them to her face, she couldn’t help but like the colour of the blush.


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While there are enthusiasts who adore the concept and the ease of using this makeup flip book, not everyone shares the same sentiment. @mireyarios, for instance, expressed that the highlighter didn’t quite meet her expectations.

However, she found the blush to be exceptionally beautiful. Nevertheless, she did encounter some challenges in blending the blush smoothly and recommended using fingers for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Furthermore, she pointed out that the bronzer had excellent pigmentation but it also posed some challenges when it came to blending. To overcome this hurdle, she recommended using a brush to ensure a seamlessly blended outcome.


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@hudaheidi, on the other hand, shared a similar sentiment regarding the makeup flip book. While acknowledging the brilliance of the concept, she didn’t have a positive experience with it.

The blending process seemed to require a bit too much effort for her liking, leading her to feel that it may not be the most suitable option for her. However, she did mention that the bronzer sheets worked well for the body, indicating their potential use beyond just facial makeup.

Ultimately, it’s possible that others may find the product more useful, but it didn’t quite hit the mark for her.

Source: Chloe Gaya

Although they are not currently available in Malaysia, you can still purchase them through online platforms like eBay or Bulk Apothecary. However, please note that since the shipping is not from a local source, the shipping costs might be slightly higher than usual.

Just be careful not to confuse them with blotting papers, unless you’re okay with pretty pink impressions left between your eyebrows and T-zone.