Since we started staying at home more, our regular beauty routines have really levelled up – especially in the tool arena. Gua sha and facial rollers have found a place on our shelves, but if you have yet to yield any wrinkle-smoothing benefits from them, perhaps it’s time to try something new: LED light therapy for wrinkles.

This may sound like a technology that you can only access in a salon or clinic. Well, it used to be so until LED light therapy home devices become more common in the market, and especially in Malaysia more recently.

These luminescent masks and handheld devices have made countless appearances in celebrity selfies on Instagram, and now, there are a slew of LED devices on the market for us to use in the comfort of our own homes. If you’re looking to up your anti-ageing skincare routine, keep reading to find out how LED light therapy works for wrinkles and where you can get one yourself.

LED light therapy for wrinkles: Does it work

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LED light therapy uses colour wavelengths of visible light to repair and rejuvenate damaged cells, or in the case of treating acne, kill bacteria. This energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, as well as boosts circulation to accelerate tissue repair. And here’s a fun fact: LED light therapy was pioneered by NASA to treat wounds in zero-gravity situations!

When used in a single facial, LED light therapy is great for calming any areas of irritation and it’s also brilliant at brightening the skin. Over time, LED lights are able to penetrate your skin at different depths and deliver benefits to your skin, such as fighting acne-causing bacteria, plumping the skin, and reducing wrinkles. The most common LED lights used in treatments are red and blue lights.

Red LED light increases the skin’s natural hydration levels and reduces redness and inflammation. It also works on our fibroblasts, cells in our body that produce collagen, to lighten scars and smooth out the appearance of wrinkles. As the spectrum of light used does not include UV, there’s no risk of damage – and you won’t get a tan.

Blue LED light, on the other hand, has powerful antibacterial properties, which is why it’s an effective way to treat acne. It reduces oil production and prevents future breakouts while being gentle on the skin, so it makes for an ideal blemish treatment for those with eczema or psoriasis.

How to use an at-home LED light therapy device

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When using an at-home device, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. These devices typically come in the form of a mask that you wear for several minutes or a wand that you use on targeted areas of the skin. LED light therapy is suitable for use on any body part, including the face, hands, neck, and chest.

Your eyes should be kept closed if you’re wearing a mask that covers your entire face, so no slumping in front of the TV. Using an LED light therapy device for a few minutes daily would be fine as long as you do not have a pre-existing medical condition that sensitises you to light.

If you suffer from seizures or epilepsy, we wouldn’t recommend you use an LED light therapy device. Anyone with migraines, eye conditions, or are on certain types of antibiotics should also steer clear of these devices. Of course, a professional should be your first port of call if you are unsure.

Handheld LED light therapy devices for wrinkles to try

Project E Beauty RED LED+ Anti-Aging Therapy

led light therapy wrinkles project e beauty anti aging

If you’re looking to target larger areas of your face, try Project E Beauty’s RED LED+ Anti-Aging Therapy. It has a wider head that uses 40 red LED bulbs to rejuvenate your skin and improve blood circulation. You’ll get a boost in collagen and elastin for smoother, firmer skin.

Choose from two modes: Continuous, for a constant stream of light energy that lasts for 10 minutes, or pulse, for shorter light pulses. We recommend starting with a 10-minute treatment four times a week. When you start to see results, you may want to dial it down and use it twice a week for maintenance.

The LED light used here provides a powerful output, so you’re likely to see results in a few treatments. After you’ve cleansed and applied your skincare products on, switch the device on and select your preferred mode. Then, place the device on desired areas. Thanks to its safety design, the light will only be activated when the device touches your skin.

Project E Beauty RED LED+ Anti-Aging Therapy retails for US$99.99 (RM427.01) at Project E Beauty.

Skin Inc Optimiser Voyage (Red light) (Popular!)

led light therapy wrinkles skin inc optimiser voyage

When you talk about LED light therapy for wrinkles, this is one of the devices that will certainly come to mind.

Combining the powers of NASA-inspired LED chromotherapy with low-frequency stimulation, Skin Inc’s Optimiser Voyage uses red LED light to activate your skin cells. It maximises your cells’ capacity to absorb active ingredients in your skincare products, which is why this handheld device is best used on top of a water-based serum or mask.

Using this device is a breeze. Just apply your go-to serum or face mask, turn the Optimiser Voyage on, and glide the circular applicator in upwards motions on your face. Massage it gently across your forehead, along the cheeks, and around the jawline. Be careful to avoid the eye area.

After 10 minutes, the device will power down automatically. Remember not to use this on bare skin without a water-based product, and try not to go over 10 minutes to avoid muscle fatigue.

Skin Inc Optimiser Voyage (Red light) retails for RM683 at Sephora.

LightStim for Wrinkles

led light therapy wrinkles lightstim

A few minutes a day with LightStim for Wrinkles will give you firmer skin, smaller-looking pores, and a radiant glow. This device is used and recommended by plenty of estheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons, all touting its skin-plumping and line-smoothing benefits.

It uses multi-wave technology, which emits multiple wavelengths of light at a time to reduce wrinkles, promote circulation, and improve product penetration. Simply place the LightStim to the surface of your skin and hold it in place for about three minutes. When it beeps, move it to another area of your face until you’ve treated each desired spot.

LightStim for Wrinkles retails for RM1,060.12 at Revolve.

Foreo UFO Smart Mask (Most pampering!)

led light therapy wrinkles foreo ufo

Foreo’s UFO Smart Mask lets you enjoy the benefits of a rejuvenating photofacial at home. When you use this device with a face mask, it instantly pushes the mask’s essence deep within the skin’s surface for better results.

You can also toggle between the warm and cool settings for a soothing or cooling experience. Thermotherapy mode helps the active ingredients in your mask penetrate the skin better, while cryotherapy mode reduces puffiness, inflammation, and the appearance of large pores.

T-sonic Pulsations facilitate deeper absorption of the serum while providing a soothing facial massage too. On top of that, the UFO Smart Mask has a spectrum of LED lights to repair your skin. Red LED light erases the signs of ageing, green LED light brightens a dull complexion, and blue LED destroys acne-causing bacteria.

Foreo UFO Smart Mask retails for RM1,251 at Sephora.

LED light therapy masks for wrinkles

Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite™ EyeCare Pro

led light therapy wrinkles dr dennis gross

These may look like a pair of futuristic eyewear, but Dr Dennis Gross’s DRx SpectraLite™ EyeCare Pro is actually a targeted treatment that smooths and firms the eye area. It uses professional LED light therapy to keep the skin around your eyes lifted and youthful-looking.

Red anti-ageing wavelengths reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet by stimulating the skin’s natural collagen production. With 80 LED lights, this hands-free, wearable device wraps around your temples and under-eye area to improve the skin tone and texture.

When your skin is clean and dry, place the EyeCare Pro comfortably around the eye area and secure the strap around your head. Then, turn the power on and leave it on for three minutes. It will automatically shut off, and you can follow up with an eye serum or cream as well as the rest of your skincare routine.

One of the best LED light therapy for wrinkles to consider? That’s for sure.

Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite™ EyeCare Pro retails for RM841 at Sephora.

LG Pra.L Derma Mask

led light therapy wrinkles lg pra l mask

From flatscreen TVs to cellphones, LG makes practically everything we cherish. And now, they’ve added a RoboCop-like mask to the list. The LG Derma Pra.L Mask hits your skin with red and infrared LED lights to improve your skin’s elasticity and radiance. It works in quick, nine-minute sessions, so you can use whip this out in the morning to give yourself a facial in a flash.

It comes with a wear detection sensor as well as an eye shield, so you have two safety functions to protect your eyes from excessive glare.

LG Derma Pra.L Mask retails for RM2,286.75 at Shopee.

MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device

led light therapy wrinkles MZ SKIN

If you have temperamental skin, it’s good to have a well-rounded, high-performance skincare device at hand. Designed to replicate in-office treatments, the MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device comes with five LED light settings: red, blue, green, yellow, and white.

From inflamed breakouts to stubborn scars and dark spots, you can focus on treating multiple skin concerns with this handy mask. Red light encourages the production of collagen and elastin for bouncier skin, while blue light clarifies blemish-prone skin. Green light targets discolouration, yellow light soothes a red complexion, and white infrared light minimises skin sensitivity.

Adjust the comfortable strap to hold it securely in place, and leave your hands free to read a book or Netflix and chill. The gold finish on this mask makes it a good accessory for parties too. Strap it on sans light to channel your inner cyborg assassin.

MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device retails for £385 (RM2,060.04) at Net-a-Porter.

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

led light therapy wrinkles currentbody mask

For those who prefer not to feel like a hockey goalie, there’s CurrentBody’s Skin LED Light Therapy Mask. It’s made of soft silicone that moulds to the shape of your face for a more comfortable facial treatment. This flexible mask delivers the perfect dose of red and infrared light to smooth your skin texture and reduce the depth of fine lines. With continued use, it’ll lead to firmer skin that glows.

The mask’s malleability also ensures that the maximum amount of light penetrates the lower layers of your skin, delivery both instant and long-term results. In fact, it’s clinically proven to reduce the look of wrinkles by 35% in just one month. Plenty of customers have reported back to share improvements to their skin, including tone, texture, and firmness.

In other words, if you’re looking to start LED light therapy for wrinkles at home, this is certainly one of the top contenders to consider.

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask retails for RM1,792.68 at CurrentBody.

The Light Salon Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask

led light therapy wrinkles the light salon boost

Also made from soft, flexible silicone, The Light Salon’s Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask is another comfortable one to wear. It emits both red and near-infrared light and it packs well too (not that we’re travelling anywhere anytime soon).

The treatment replicates The Light Salon’s famous Skin Health & Rejuvenation facial, so you can reap the same skin benefits in the comfort of your own home. With 98 LED bulbs and a flexible build, the mask delivers optimised red and infrared waves to combat the signs of ageing. Don’t be surprised if your complexion looks brighter and feels smoother from your first 10-minute use.

Use it on clean skin and follow up with your regular skincare routine when you’re done with the treatment. We hear Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung are fans of this as well – all the more reason to get our Brit It-girl glow on.

The Light Salon Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask retails for £329.71 (RM1838.92) at The Light Salon.