I used shampoo and body wash that smell like perfume and scientifically test if my relaxation level is improved

Studies have shown that scents have a lot to do with our overall well-being. You’ve probably heard this before: they can affect moods.

For instance, rosemary is known for sharpening the mind and boosting memory, while lemon can reduce anxiety when you’re feeling angry.

Dealing with a demanding work schedule and two active young children can certainly take a toll on me. I often find myself with a headache and a fast heart rate at the end of a busy day.

relaxing bath time

How I wish bath time is always like.

My shower-time is an important part of my winding-down routine – it’s 15 minutes of me-time when I can finally cast all distracting thoughts away and finally relax.

How to enhance your bath time

I was recently introduced to lavojoy, a new personal care brand from Australia that’s dedicated to helping you #EnjoyYourBathTime. Here’s good news: the brand is now in Malaysia!


lavojoy hair and body products

Its no-nasties products are formulated to nourish your hair and skin with superior ingredients, all while bringing you joy and positive energy through the delicate fragrances they are infused with.

Fun fact: lavojoy is so serious about the fragrances that go into its products, the scents are formulated by Chief Perfumer Anne Flipo, who is also a Fine Fragrance Perfumer of IFF, a fragrance-making giant known globally.

Creative and unique packaging

lavajoy product boxes

Right from the first impression, lavojoy has managed to set itself apart.

Housed in a box that reminds me of a new mobile phone, the product is revealed after you tear along a perforated seal, which gives you a ritualistic sense of “unboxing”, emulating the joy of opening up a new purchase or revealing a gift from a loved one.

Soothing fragrance

lavojoy shampoo and conditioner

The Hold Me Tight Shampoo and SOS Nourishing Conditioner feature the Lazy Sunday scent.

This is a sweet floral and fruity fragrance that has top notes of Bitter Orange, Freesia, and Peach; middle notes of Jasmine, Rose, and Magnolia; and base notes of Musk, Cedarwood, and Amber.

I really enjoy this scent as it invigorates my senses at first with the burst of fruity notes, and as I continue to lather it up in my hair, it calms me down with floral fragrances that feel indulgent. The comforting base notes soothe my senses as I dry my hair and get ready for bed – the perfect accords you’d want to turn in with.

lavojoy sparkling daydream body wash

For an extra relaxing time, use the Sparkling Daydream Body Wash comes with the Summertrain scent, with top notes of Bergamot, Tangerine, Lemon, and Lavender; middle notes of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Neroli Oil, and Pittosporum; and base note of Amber, Ambrette, and Angelica.

Light and gentle texture

lavojoy hold me tight shampoo texture

The Hold Me Tight Shampoo comes with a luxurious texture that foams up easily, despite its 0% sulfate formula. This amino acid-based shampoo works up a gentle lather that I could easily work through my hair without dispensing too much product, unlike other sulfate-free products I’ve tried.

The shampoo also contains Lactobacillus, Ceramides, and Centella Asiatica, which are proven ingredients that balance the pH of scalp, reduce the chance of hair loss, repair hair cuticles, and soothe the scalp.

lavojoy sparkling daydream Body Wash 2

The Sparkling Daydream Body Wash contains AHA, BHA, and PHA to gently slough off dead skin cells so your skin appears brighter with every wash.

This body wash  also offers a perk-me-up effect while cleansing the skin with a creamy foam, which feels therapeutic.

lavojoy let it glow body serum

I’ll always apply the Let It Glow Body Serum right after shower.

If you’re wondering what a body serum is, it works the same way as our face serums, by infusing nourishing ingredients into the body skin, delivering hydration and glow.

lavojoy review: Does it make me calmer and happier?

Its accolades certainly sound impressive, but the real litmus test is whether it can truly bring me joy.

I took on a scientific approach to this and took two measurements after I’ve showered with lavojoy products.

  1. Heart rate: Our body releases adrenaline when we’re stressed, and this hormone can cause breathing and heart rate to speed up, as well as spiked blood pressure. A calmer state of mind should give me a slightly lowered heart rate.
  2. Speed of falling asleep: An active and tense mind leads to an inability to fall asleep. I often find myself struggling to fall asleep if I had a particularly rough day or am anticipating a difficult day the next day.

The results are in.

Less tense and more relaxed

  1. Systolic pressure: The top number is the maximum pressure the heart exerts while beating.
  2. Diastolic pressure: The second number refers to the amount of pressure in the arteries between beats.
  3. Pulse: The final number refers to the number of heart beats per minute.
lavojoy review - without

Readings before and after shower on a regular day.

The above readings are taken on a day when I didn’t use lavojoy products. As you can see, it didn’t do much in reducing my heart rate (the last reading), even though my blood pressure dropped slightly after my shower.

lavojoy review - with

Readings before and after shower when I used lavojoy products.

The above readings are taken on a day when I used lavojoy products. Besides having my heart rate dropped by four beats per minute, my blood pressure also fell slightly, which shows that I am less tense and more relaxed.

These measurements aside, I find my mood “lighter’ after my shower-time with lavojoy; my husband even said that I seemed more relaxed and calm.

Sleep better

restful sleep

As for my sleep, I asked my husband to help me time when I fall asleep. On a regular day, I take around 25 minutes to fall asleep, whereas on a day when I used lavojoy products, it took me only 14 minutes to fall asleep!

The overall experience was great and using lavajoy products made me feel super relaxed, calm, and eased anxiety after a hectic day, thanks to their uplifting scents.

Relaxing your body and mind

My conclusion? It appears that lavojoy does bring joy to my winding down ritual and makes me calmer, happier, and lets me fall asleep faster!

I’d certainly recommend lavojoy products to anyone who is looking to introduce positive energy into their shower-time.

lavojoy products are priced from RM39.90 and are available on Shopee and Lazada. Follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

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