Ever dreamt of being a mermaid? Now you can, with Chinese beauty brand Flower Knows’ newly launched series of mermaid-inspired cosmetic products called, “Moonlight Mermaid”, that is making a big splash in the beauty community for how insanely intricate and adorable the various packaging are.

Trust us, you’re going to want to hold tight to your flippers and fins for this one; it’ll blow your gills off. (Alright, enough mermaid puns.)

Without any further ado, let’s check the collection out!

Flower Knows Moonlight Mermaid collection

Credit: FlowerKnows花知晓/Xiao Hong Shu

With a grand total of 11 different items in the collection, one would easily be spoilt for choice at the array. The collection includes eyeshadow palettes, blushes, lip glosses, eyeliners, setting powders, brushes, handheld mirrors, hair clips, stickers, a cold cup, and even perfumes.

If you’re planning to gift these ornate collectibles, you’ll be glad to learn that they are available in gift sets as well!

Eyeshadow palettes

Credit: FlowerKnows花知晓/Xiao Hong Shu

Featured above is the fifth of five eyeshadow palettes introduced, titled, “Moonlight Land”. It consists of aquamarine hues that span bolder blues, to neutral browns.

Credit: Flower Knows

All five palettes come with two shimmery shades, and three matte pigments—making these palettes incredible versatile and wearable.


Credit: FlowerKnows花知晓/Xiao Hong Shu

Blush fanatics, rejoice! The Moonlight Mermaid Jewelry Blush is available in five versions, each as a three-toned gradient palette.

Credit: Flower Knows

These ethereal-looking blushes have a buttery formula that glides seamlessly over your skin. The variety in colours allows you to wear these not only on your cheeks, but on your lids, and even atop your T-zone, as highlight!

Lip glosses

Credit: FlowerKnows花知晓/Xiao Hong Shu

With nine stunning shades, these Flower Knows Jewelry lip glosses feature a new-and-improved formula that promises a weightless, non-greasy feel, with pigmentation that last all-day long.

Housed in little potion bottle-like tubes, you can pick from apricot milk tea, to cherry milk tea shades.


Credit: FlowerKnows花知晓/Xiao Hong Shu

If the star-studded (literally) packaging of these eyeliner pens were not enough to wow you, then knowing that they come in three shades — including pink, for extra drama — ought to.

Credit: Flower Knows

With a sharp, fine tip, and a highly pigmented formula, you’ll be sure to achieve effortless precision with every stroke. Use the pink liner, infused with gold shimmer, for a touch of youthful glamour.

Setting powders

Credit: FlowerKnows花知晓/Xiao Hong Shu, Flower Knows

Lock your makeup in place with one of their two new setting powders, Fair Ivory, and Fair Beige. Each compact comes with a free powder puff, nestled in a separate compartment underneath the powder dish.

The luxuriously soft powder offers decent coverage, and leaves an airbrushed finish that is long-lasting, and radiant, without feeling too cake-y.

Makeup accessories

Credit: FlowerKnows花知晓/Xiao Hong Shu

The first of the lot of makeup accessories dropped in this collection is the blush brush, available in two colour ways: a mysterious sapphire tone, and a clear crystal-like alternative.

Made with a combination of purified fine goat hair, and mixed fiber hair, this fluffy blush provides a good control of the amount of product deposited, and is very comfortable on the skin.

Credit: FlowerKnows花知晓/Xiao Hong Shu

A gorgeous gal needs a gorgeous mirror to beat her mug as well. Choose from three colours: blue, pearl and pinky.

Credit: Flower Knows

Adorn your mermaid hair with one of their intricately designed hair clips, sprinkled with mermaid, crescent moon, and star motifs, to jazz up your makeup look, available in blue, and cream.

Credit: Flower Knows

Personalise your Moonlight Mermaid collection with these stickers. With all sorts of dreamy and fantastical illustrations, like crystals, and mermaids sat upon the moon, you can dazzle up your palettes and accessories even further.

Credit: FlowerKnows花知晓/Xiao Hong Shu

Looking pretty is hard work. Hydrate yourself with this spectacular holographic cold cup, blinding you with lustral hues of blue, purple, and silver, with elaborate detailing decked all over. Truly giving ocean queen vibes.

Credit: FlowerKnows花知晓/Xiao Hong Shu

Mermaids not only need look like sea goddesses, they got to smell like one too. Complete your mer-look with one of the two Moonlight Mermaid Perfumes, Forever Blooming Flower, or Luna Goddess Tree.

Forever Blooming Flower, packaged in a small pink vial, boasts a sweet floral fragrance with a light top note of jasmine, creamy middle note of gardenia, and an earthy base note of grass.

Luna Goddess Tree, encased in a blue vial this time, has a more refreshing and citrusy twist. It has a tangy and spicy top note of lemon peel and mint, and is accompanied by middle notes of damp moss, spring tea, and cedar wood, and a base note of sandalwood.

Shop the entire collection now on Shopee Mall. Prices start from RM77 for the perfume.