With the comeback of the Y2K aesthetic and Barbiecore, come the rise in popularity of doll-like glossy lips.

If you, too, are obsessed with this trend, you definitely do not want to miss out on this new line of lip glosses by K-beauty brand Equmal that will lend your puckers the juiciest glazed donut MLBB lip look.

Let’s check them out!

Equmal Non-Section Glowy Tint—Glazed donut MLBB

Credit: 挖宝ing/Xiao Hong Shu

A fairly new product, the Equmal Non-Section Glowy Tint is available in 18 shades ranging from oranges, reds, and mauves, to nudes, and pinks.

These lippies have a creamy, balmy consistency that does not leave your lips feeling dry at all, according to reviewers. It glides seamlessly across your lips, coating it with a stunning gloss, and a flatteringly sheer tint.

We love our “milk tea” shades, so today we’ll be spotlighting three specific shades: 116 Butterflies, a peach hojicha milk tea shade, 117 Rosy Chill, in a rose genmaicha milk tea tone, and finally, 118 Florid, a hue of strawberry oolong milk tea.

116 Butterflies: Peach hojicha milk tea

Credit: 挖宝ing/Xiao Hong Shu

For the sweet, coquettish look, opt for 116 Butterflies. This shade lends your lips a soft, creamy coral tone that is extremely wearable and and flattering.

117 Rosy Chill: Rose genmaicha milk tea

Credit: 挖宝ing/Xiao Hong Shu

For that “no makeup” makeup look, try 117 Rosy Chill. This natural pink shade offers your lips a healthy-looking pop of colour, making this a very versatile colour for work, brunch, and in general, everyday wear.

118 Florid: Strawberry oolong milk tea

Credit: 挖宝ing/Xiao Hong Shu

If sultry and flirtatious is the vibe you’re going for, then 118 Florid is the one for you! A reddish pink tone, Florid is ideal for date nights and occasions where you need to jazz up your lips and inject some life to it.

These dazzling gloss tints are available for RM89.90 on Shopee.