You probably already stock up on snacks and drinks from JONETZ by Don Don Donki, the popular Japanese discount store chain that has practically anything that you want, and at affordable prices.

Don Don Donki also stocks J-beauty products that are usually only found in pharmacies in Japan, including many that are considered holy grails even among the Japanese.

If you’re planning to do a beauty haul at Don Don Donki, check out these beauty products that are most popular among Malaysians. They include products from Don Don Donki’s house brand Jonetsu Kakaku, which means you can’t find them anywhere besides at the Don Don Donki stores.

Pro tip: these can also be found on the official Don Don Donki store on Shopee so you can shop online if you don’t feel like heading out!


Jonetsu Kakaku PUREQUA Deep Cleansing Gel

Need something effective for makeup removal? This cleansing gel will do the trick. It is great for removing heavy makeup products such as mascara and waterproof eyeliners.

Made with naturally occurring ocean-derived beauty ingredients such as marine silt, low molecular marine collagen, seaweed extract, brown algae extract, and deep ocean water, this makeup remover has everything you need to make your skin look and feel fresh and bright.

While most cleansers often range from RM60 to RM90, this product sits slightly above RM30; this has an attractive price tag and delivers great result!

Jonetsu Kakaku Pure Cleansing Aqua Water retails for RM34.90 on Shopee.

DHC Medicated Lip Cream Balm

For all our chapped lips concerns, this gentle and nourishing lip balm will put our fears to rest. With little to no pigment, this product simply aims to hydrate and nourish our lips.

You’ll be getting natural nourishment from botanical ingredients like grape seed oil and olive fruit oil. This product also has shea butter to deliver the most buttery texture.

You can use this on its own, as a base before your lipstick, or even over your lipstick once it has dried, for all day hydration and care.

DHC Medicated Lip Cream Balm retails for RM47 on Shopee.

Picomonte 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil & Powder

This product is a triple threat that includes an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, and grooming brush – all in one. Each aspect of this product has been carefully designed to maximise your results.

Filling in our eyebrows is always a challenge. We’re always treading the fine line between caterpillar eyebrows and brows that are on fleek. Because the eyebrow pencil of this product has a triangular shape, the angle will help us easily manipulate the lines we draw to get the fab brows that we want.

After you’ve drawn hair-like strokes, use the natural-fit powder to fill in the gaps of your lines for a softer and more diffused eyebrow look.

Lastly, use the handy brush attached to it to give your brows a few sweeps to blend out everything.

Picomonte 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil & Powder retails for RM29.20 on Shopee.


Keana Rice Mask

Japanese sheet masks are loved for their generous serum and sturdy fabric. And among the Japanese sheet masks, the Keana Rice Mask is one of the most well-loved.

Each piece is infused with a hydrating rice serum and this formula can help reduce the appearance of your pores plus leave your skin feeling moisturised and refreshed.

All you need to do is apply the mask on cleansed skin and remove after five minutes. Following that, you can massage any excess serum onto your face for maximum absorption.

Keana Rice Mask retails for RM39.90 on Shopee.

Tsubuporori Memoto Onwakan Eye Cream

Milia is one of the most pesky issues we may face under our eye area and to battle this issue, this eye cream is exactly what you need.

It has a gel-like texture that will give you a warm tingling sensation after application. This tingling sensation is the cream’s reaction with our skin as it eliminates the signs of milia.

Furthermore, don’t worry about getting your fingers messy with this cream, it comes in a soft fibre stick for easy application so you’ll stay mess-free.

A reviewer said that she noticed that the milia on her cheek reduced in size after she used this for three days – sounds promising!

Tsubuporori Memoto Onwakan Eye Cream retails for RM54.90 on Shopee.

Zero Spot V Line Lift Up Pack Mask

For a sharper facial contour and less obvious double chin, this mask does the job.

Besides mechanically lifting the jawline, this sheet mask also contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and dandelion extract for hydration and anti-ageing benefits respectively.

For the best results, you’re recommended to wear this for as long as one to two hours before removing it and massaging the excess sebum onto the rest of your face.

Tip: Some Tiktokers recommend wearing it under your surgical face mask as a sneaky way to do your skincare while you’re commuting.

Zero Spot V Line Lift Up Pack Mask retails for RM19.80 on Shopee.

Jonetsu Kakaku Hatomugi Skin Lotion

“Hatomugi” refers to coix seeds, which is rich in enzymes to help hydrate skin.

Great for those with dry skin, this has a light texture that absorbs quickly into skin and help soothe and hydrate skin deeply.

The Japanese love this product because of how multi-functional it is: besides using it on the face, you can also use it on the body to sooth sunburns, or soak your cotton pads with it to apply it on your face as a mask. Others also transfer it into a spray bottle to use as a mist or even as an after-shave for men to soothe razor burns and irritation.

Jonetsu Kakaku Hatomugi Skin Lotion retails for RM26 on Shopee.


Jonetsu Kakaku Horse Oil Shampoo

In case you’re wondering, yes, horse oil – a key component in this product – is derived from horse fat. But don’t be turned off by the idea of it – horse oil is actually widely used in beauty products and commonly found in Japan.

This product penetrates deeply into your hair to treat any damaged strands or follicles. It nourishes and gives your hair a boost in hydration so your hair can look healthier and more sleek.

A review on Shopee said that this helped to smoothen her hair and gave it a five-star rating.

Jonetsu Kakaku Horse Oil Shampoo retails for RM35.91 on Shopee.

Arumik Hair Oil/Milk

Use this hair oil daily to improve your hair quality and to moisturise your hair roots and tips so you can say goodbye to damaged hair and hello to a healthy shine instead.

Baobab seed oil infused into its formula strengthens your hair while squalane replenishes your hair’s natural oils and give it a shinier, healthier look.

A Shopee reviewer said that this was out of stock at the physical stores so she had to buy it online – this shows how popular the product is!

Arumik Hair Oil/Milk retails for RM33 on Shopee.

Jonetsu Kakaku D-moist Hair Horse Oil Treatment

If you’re looking for a way to give your damaged hair an intensive treatment, check this one out!

Infused with 10 types of amino acids, these will provide your scalp with a deep cleansing that is gentle enough to not cause any irritation or abrasion.

It has received a five-star rating from all reviewers on Shopee, which tells you how satisfied they are with the product!

Jonetsu Kakaku D-moist Hair Horse Oil Treatment retails for RM42.90 on Shopee.


Pelican For Back Acne Body Soap

Back acne is a common issue that is not talked about enough. It’s also hard to treat because it’s on an area that’s hard to reach and there aren’t enough products in the market that are designed for it.

This is why users of this body soap are raving about it – the affordable product works very well at getting rid of back acne!

This medicated soap contains charcoal, mud, and papain enzyme what will cleanse and decongest your pores so that it can eliminate acne on the back and prevent it from recurring.

Pelican For Back Acne Body Soap retails for RM26.90 on Shopee.

Pelican Hip Care Soap

Don’t you just want to take a bite out of this? Though it looks like a chewy candy, this is actually a soap!

Appearance aside, there is more than meets the eye with this product. It has been designed to care for dark spots, wrinkles, and bumps on your buttocks and delicate areas.

Containing natural exfoliating ingredients such as peach extracts, konjac, fermented rose honey, and fruit acids, this sloughs off dead skin cells so that new, radiant skin can be revealed. Additionally, the peach extract infused into this soap has vitamin C to brighten your skin further.

Unsurprisingly, the peach-shaped soap has a fresh peach scent so you’ll smell and feel absolutely delectable after your shower.

This has a five-star rating on Shopee and many said that they will repurchase it.

Pelican Hip Care Soap retails for RM28.70 on Shopee.

Featured image credit: @toibandonhat and @crochetandlipstick