We’ve seen many beautiful eyeshadow palettes but honestly none are quite as breath-taking as this.

The Butterfly Eyeshadow Palette by C-beauty brand AGAG doesn’t just feature a case that’s shaped like a butterfly, it even opens up to reveal six eyeshadow shades, making it almost like the wings of the creature were fluttering.

Besides the gorgeous design of the case, this palette further impressed us with the shades it features that can help us achieve that perfect eye makeup look.

Each palette contains eyeshadows with different finishes, including matte, satin, and shimmer. For its shimmery shades, you’ll be able to find one with fine, creamy shimmer, and another that feature larger glitters that look enchanting.

There are four variants with different colour combinations, so you can pick the one that suits your personal colour best.

Here are the options you can take your pick at:

  • #01: For those of you who can’t get enough of neutral and subtle shades, this variant features earth tones that are perfect for a nude eye look.
  • #02: This variant is the best option for all feminine beauty junkies. It has shades of red and pastel pink to create a sweet-looking eye look.
  • #03: Orange shades are popular among our favourite K-idols and this palette has the right shades for you to create an alluring peach-and-caramel makeup look.
  • #04: The brand may have saved the best variant for the last. With its range of purple hues, this gives you an ethereal look.

While the packaging and looks are all gorgeous, take note that the shadows may not be very long-lasting.

One Shopee user rated the product five stars but commented that even though it is a pretty palette with nice colours, the pigment doesn’t last the whole day for her.

So if you’re planning to snag this anyway, be ready to not stint on eyeshadow primer, which can help your eye makeup last longer.

Another worthy mention is the built-in mirror it comes with, etched into one of the wings. This helps make application more convenient, especially if you’re intending to do touch-ups throughout the day.

The best part about this palette has to be its budget-friendly price. While the average price of palettes usually range from RM60 to RM90, this one will only set you back by RM17.98 if you grab it while it’s still going at a 63% discount. (This is accurate at the time of writing.)

AGAG 蝴蝶眼影盘Butterfly Eyeshadow Palette retails for RM17.98 (U.P. RM48), available at Shopee.