Every scent that Jo Malone London creates captures a slice of British life, turning wisps of nostalgic and beloved memories right into the stuff of liquid dreams, and onto your dresser.

We especially love the idea of putting on a scent that’s the perfect embodiment of a particular moment in time – whether it’s that sweet cup of afternoon tea at Claridge’s, picking tart blackberries in the summer, or enjoying the sea breeze at Cornwall. You can be sure of timelessness in a bottle with every unique scent in Jo Malone’s extensive library of fragrances.

And that gorgeous cream-and-black printed glass bottle with the elegant black grosgrain ribbon? There’s something quite special about it.

The vintage-looking Marmalade Collection is one of the latest limited edition ranges that was released earlier this year

With new releases of fragrances and collections every year, limited edition launches, as well as re-releases of past fragrances, you may wonder at which scent you should try – after all, they all do sound so tantalising and pretty, don’t they?

Join us as we walk down the scented pathway of Jo Malone fragrances, meandering through 15 of the best and most iconic scents.

15 best Jo Malone London perfumes to try today

1. Pomegranate Noir For a night out in town

Mention Jo Malone London and you’re likely to think of this scent: a seductive blend of pomegranate, with a heart note of spicy Casablanca lily, rounded off with a base of smoky guaiac wood.

It’s simultaneously exotic and refreshing, a sumptuous fragrance that will leave you wanting more. Little wonder that it’s a Jo Malone classic that’s been around since 1995, because good things last forever.

Get it at RM331.79 (30ml) or RM645.65 (100ml) from Nordstrom

2. Lime Basil & Mandarin For a midday perk-me-up

Joyously reminiscent of a tropical Caribbean beach breeze, this Lime and Mandarin cocktail is a firm favourite among Jo Malone fans. The zesty notes of mandarin and lime are what you’ll pick up first, before you are greeted by the herbaceous tang of basil that’s peppery and green.

Softer floral notes await you at the base, a surprisingly gentle end to a snappy fragrance. It’s uplifting and fresh, and we absolutely love this for much-needed perk-me-ups when work starts to bog us down. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a huge fan, we hear, and we are with her on this!

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

3. Peony & Blush Suede Best for blushing brides

This is a firm favourite for when you want to feel pretty, no matter what age you are. It’s a subtle yet luxe fragrance that smells fresh and clean, like a bouquet of spring flowers wrapped in a gorgeous tan sheet of the softest suede.

The florals aren’t cloyingly sweet; they are a delicate bunch and sit beautifully alongside each other with gorgeous notes of peony, rose, and a pinch of jasmine.

As for our favourite part of this Jo Malone London fragrance? It has to be the smooth and slightly powdery base note of suede – it smells just like the embodiment of elegant luxury to us.

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

4. English Pear & Freesia For easy-breezy days

This luscious scent ripe with pear bouquets and warm freesia is a bestseller all year round, and it’s easy to see why. An ode to more innocent, carefree days of young adulthood, it’s perfect for when the days feel rougher – like right now, in the midst of a global pandemic. An earthy base of amber, patchouli, and woods grounds this beautifully.

As a mark of how well-loved this Jo Malone scent is, the brand has just launched a special edition collection featuring fluted bottle versions of the fragrances and candle, upsized body and hand washes, and a special layering perfume collection for the adventurous.

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

5. Nectarine Blossom & Honey For those who love sweet scents

There’s something so tantalising about the smell of ripe peaches, which is exactly what you will get with Jo Malone London’s Nectarine Blossom and Honey scent. Clean, bright, and fresh smelling, this is a wonderfully light and girlish scent that’s inspired by early morning market visits to London’s iconic Covent Garden.

Smooth acacia honey swirls together with ripe peach and nectarine to complete the juicy feast. We can almost taste the honey on our tongue…

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

6. Red Roses For anniversaries and special occasions

You may have been told to slow down and stop to smell the roses, and you’ll definitely want to take your time in savouring this gorgeous Jo Malone perfume.

The scents of seven different roses are mixed together to create this beautiful blush-hued blend, blooming voluptuously against violet and honey for all the right notes.

That little bit of green wafting in towards the end will really bring to life lovely bouquets of freshly cut roses from years long gone. If this isn’t the definition of romance, we don’t know what is.

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

7. Honeysuckle & Davana For long walks in nature

The wildness of the English woodland was bottled up by Jo Malone London in 2018 and we are so glad for it. This pretty perfume the colour of pale honey is a real keeper, and is equal parts alluring equal parts refreshing.

It’s almost like the evening breeze wafting up, carrying along the sweet, intoxicating fragrance of the evening honeysuckle and the woody, liquorice scent of silver-leafed davana.

This is a sophisticated floral fragrance that you won’t easily get tired of and will reach for over and over again.

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

8. Wild Bluebell To run wild and free with

If the very idea of smelling like bluebells captivates your imagination – we have to say, us too. There’s something so pretty and light about that image.

But we have to be honest: we have no idea what real bluebell smells like. Apparently, it’s an endangered plant, so it cannot be harvested. However, we are told that expert perfumer Christine Nagel has replicated the smell pretty darn accurately for Jo Malone London.

A dewy scent that’s green and light, coupled with the smell of a clean spring shower, is what you will pick up at first whiff, and we daresay it’s the very smell of spring. We can almost see the delicate heads of bluebells swaying in the breeze in our mind’s eye and we have to say, it lifts the spirits.

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

9. Wood Sage & Sea Salt For seaside walks

Supposedly the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan’s favourite scent, this easy breezy scent is a real winner among the rest of us, too.

One of Jo Malone London’s bestselling perfumes since it was launched in 2014, it’s evocative of windswept shores, transporting you to simpler pebbled shores and waves lapping up on the coast on a cool summer’s day.

This is a very fresh scent that wouldn’t feel too heavy for a forever summer climate like Singapore’s. Bright top notes of grapefruit and citrus accompany the crisp salty smell of a cool sea breeze, leading the way into an earthy, woody sage that’s herbal and faintly musky.

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

10. Blackberry & Bay For relaxing weekends

If you’re a blackberry lover, this one is for you.

A fresh and fruity perfume in Jo Malone London’s fragrance library, this one smells like real blackberries – think tart and juicy with a tinge of bitterness with none of the syrupy sweetness of cassis jam. It eschews the traditional citrus and floral route, bringing its distinctive appeal to the table.

You almost imagine you’re picking ripe blackberries right off the bush, picking up the herby, spicy scent of bay laurel trees that are lined up nearby. It’s that realistic and such a breath of fresh air in a sea of sweet, floral fragrances.

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

11. Velvet Rose & Oud For a night out at the theatre

If you’re looking for the light powdery fragrance of rosewater, this isn’t for you. As its name says, this rose scent is plush and syrupy like dark velvet.

As the damask rose drapes seductively on your skin like a luscious cape, a rich, spiced centre of smoked oud and sweet praline starts to peek out, joining the party and rounding the sensual fragrance out nicely.

Reminiscent of masquerade parties by candlelight, it’s a real head-turner in more ways than one – a true olfactory treat by Jo Malone London.

We hear this scent leans to the cloying side when worn in the heat of the day, so you’ll want to reserve it for the evening when the sun dips and the day’s heat starts to dissipate.

Get it at RM490 (50ml) or RM735 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

12. Orange Blossom To pick yourself up as you WFH

This simple, pretty perfume is a winner, perfect for summer and Singapore. Fans of this Jo Malone London scent say that it smells very much like crushed orange branches, leaves and flowers, with none of the added artificial sweetness and all of the natural zest.

With top citrusy notes of tangerine blossom and orange blossom, as well as a light floral heart of lilac and iris, this is a very refreshing and uplifting fragrance that will surely put a smile on your face on even the dreariest of days.

It literally makes you feel like you’re sitting under an orange tree in full, glorious bloom – who wouldn’t smile at that?

Psssst! It’s been widely reported that the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, had requested that Westminster Abbey be lit up with candles of this very scent for her wedding day.

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM500 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

13. Poppy & Barley For carefree picnics

A throwback to halcyon days in golden fields of wheat, berry bushes, and wildflowers, this girlish Jo Malone perfume is a heady reminder of better days in the past and better days to come.

It opens with a juicy burst of blackcurrant and fig, accompanied by dainty violet, leads into nutty wheat notes and powdery poppy, and ends off with earthy barley and musk.

Close your eyes and you can almost see yourself strolling through sun-drenched barley fields, with poppies and berries in your basket.

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

14. Fig & Lotus Flower For a visit to the gallery or museum

Fig & Lotus Flower is of the brand’s newer releases from the Lost in Wonder collection that was launched just last year.

Capturing the imagination with tales of hanging gardens and a King who built the gardens for his homesick Queen, this Jo Malone London scent is rich in magic and wonder.

At first whiff, this is a watery fragrance that really calls to mind lush hanging gardens complete with melancholic lotuses dotting a shimmering pond.

The legend is further evoked by images of a statuesque fig tree standing tall in the middle of the courtyard, lending its sweet, slightly nutty fragrance to the elegant mix.

Get it at RM286 (30ml) or RM560 (100ml) from Sephora.my.

15. Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Best for flirty dinner dates

Here’s one for those of us who prefer our scents more sensual than light. It opens with a slightly spicy and floral ginger that’s just the right amount of spice for that tingle up the nose.

It’s followed by more delicate notes of waterlily and rose, before it ends with a bang – a warm, provocative concoction of cardamom and amber.

Some say this is the perfect scent for a femme fatale, complete with racy fishnets and a gorgeous deep red lipstick, but you know what? You don’t need to dress up just to feel this sexy.

Get it at RM710 (100ml) from Sephora.my.