BTS Jungkook has been known to be picky when it comes to choosing scents and skincare products. His discerning taste has led him to a skincare brand that is now available in Malaysia!

But what made this brand capture Jungkook’s attention? Find out all the details as we unravel the allure of this coveted skincare brand that’s been endorsed by none other than Jungkook himself!

Milk Baobab Now Available in Malaysia!

Watsons has blessed us with yet another Korea’s most popular personal care brand. The Milk Baobab® range is not only loved by many Koreans but also the one and only BTS member, Jungkook!

The ingredients in Milk Baobab® products are crafted to nourish you from head to toe. Whether it’s your hair or body, the Milk Baobab® are designed to provide comprehensive care, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated just like Jungkook himself.

The product features the finest foremilk from New Zealand and the rejuvenating African Baobab Seed. These are carefully selected and made suitable for the modern lifestyle whilst portraying a touch of retro vibe with its award-winning packaging design.

You won’t miss Milk Baobab® on the shelves as you walk by the aisle in Watsons; its package resembles a milk carton. No wonder it’s won awards for its unique and adorable design. It’s not just what’s inside that’s amazing, but the packaging itself adds a touch of fun and charm to your skincare routine.

Milk Baobab Fresh Scent


BTS Jungkook’s Favourite Personal Care Brand Is Now in Malaysia! Milk Baobab personal care products comes in three different range: 🧼 Body care 🚿 Hair care 🧴 Lotion Each range features three unique scents that we’re sure you’ll love! And they’re now exclusively available at over 300 Watsons Malaysia stores nationwide. 🤩 Visit Daily Vanity to read more about it.@Watsons Malaysia

♬ Btc Style (feat. 趙展彤 VAL) – 幣少爺 BSY

Milk Baobab® selection for hair, bath, and lotion products offers long-lasting fragrances and comes in three signature scents:

  • White Musk: Fresh, innocent, and floral, providing comfort to the skin.
  • Baby Powder: Carries a refreshing sweet and powdery fragrance, boosting charm and confidence with every use.
  • White Soap: Refreshing and clean that relaxes both your mind and body.

So, pick your favourite scent and enjoy the thought that Jungkook uses them too!

Milk Baobab comes in three ranges and is sold exclusively at over 300 Watsons Malaysia stores nationwide and online; with prices ranging from RM14.90 to RM49.90 at Watsons