In sunny Malaysia, dealing with the sun and sweat is inevitable. This is why sunscreens are an essential!

But what about those no-makeup makeup days? Adding an extra layer of sunscreen under your makeup can leave your skin looking oily and shiny.

On such days, this can be a common problem that might even lead you to skip sunscreen, especially if you have plans later on.

Well, fret no more! We’ve found a way where you can look your best with sun protection!

What are Sunscreen Sticks?


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Enter sunscreen sticks!

Sunscreen sticks are a revolutionary product taking social media by storm. Unlike conventional sunscreens, they offer a lightweight, non-greasy application that fits perfectly under makeup and makes reapplication easy and mess-free.

However, do note that they are best for touch-ups rather than as a base!

Replacing Your Makeup Products With A Sunscreen stick


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In her viral TikTok video, Kelly Kim compares using sunscreen sticks on one side of her face with traditional makeup on the other.

The results were stunning! The sunscreen stick side had a matte, clean look with a subtle glow, while the other side was excessively shiny.

How did she achieve this?

Kelly used two types of sunscreen sticks: both ABIB Quick Sun Stick, for a matte finish, and the Airy Sun Stick for a glowy effect.

Instead of traditional contour and highlight, she applied the matte stick on her jawline, under her eyes, the sides of her nose, and her forehead. The glowy stick was used on her cheekbones and the tip of her nose.

This innovative technique not only adds dimension to your face, but also protects your skin from the sun to enhance your no-makeup makeup routine.

Blush Hack!


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Sharing the same sentiment as others, Kelly also shares that she prefers using a red blush instead of a pink shimmery one. This trick can enhance the natural look of your makeup, though results may vary depending on your skin tone.

This innovative technique not only protect your skin from the sun but also enhances your makeup routine, providing a clean, flawless, matte finish.

Say goodbye to greasy sunscreens and hello to a fresh, radiant look!