It was only last month when we discovered a strawberry milk-scented perfume, and our obsession for strawberry beauty products has not waned one bit.

So, when we walked into our local Watsons store and discovered the Watsons Milk Yogurt Body Lotion Strawberry, we immediately plopped it right into our basket.

Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion Strawberry

Can you blame us for buying it so quickly? The packaging of the product is absolutely cute, with little strawberries dotted all over the label.

On first glance, you might mistake the bottle for being a pretty pastel pink colour, but don’t be mistaken, it is, in fact, the colour of the lotion itself.

Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion Strawberry texture shots.jpg

Upon pumping out the lotion, we are quickly hit by the fresh and sweet scent of strawberry yogurt. It’s so delicious, we’re almost tempted to taste it.

The texture of the lotion is light and milky and is easily absorbed into the skin. It makes our skin feel quite soft and supple too.

This is thanks to the special formulation of moisturising shea butter, hydrating vitamin E, and hydrolysed milk protein, which is a great source of amino acids that can soften the skin.

The reason why it smells so divine might be due to the presence of real strawberry extract, vitamin C, and yogurt. All these ingredients come together for radiant, silky-smooth skin.

Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion maethida007 Instagram

Photo source: @maethida007 on Instagram

If strawberries aren’t your thing, Watsons also has a Milk Yogurt Body Lotion, which we can imagine probably smells just as good.

And perhaps the best part is that these lotions are all quite affordable, at less than RM20 for 530ml.

The Watsons Milk Yogurt Body Lotions retail for RM19.90 on Watsons. There’s a promotion going on at the time of writing, so click on the link to see the latest prices.