This is the first issue of our monthly newsletter. We’ve designed it to keep everyone updated about what’s going on around Daily Vanity. For any questions, feel free to reach out to Nico at [email protected].

Hellos and goodbyes

  • We welcome 4 newcomers:
    • Karin, Associate General Manager who is overseeing the Sales, Campaign, and Marketing teams
    • Sherilynn, Campaign Executive
    • Nico, HR Executive
    • Fiona, Campaign Manager
  • We also bid farewell to the following colleagues
    • Supraja from the Campaign team
    • Melissa from the Campaign team
    • Zachary, who has ended his editorial internship

We extend our warmest welcome to our newcomers and wish those who have departed the very best in their new endeavours.

5 interesting things you probably didn’t know about Eliza

This month, we shine a spotlight on Eliza, Business Development Executive. She will be shifting to Tasmania in August. Let’s learn more about Eliza!

Did you know?

  1. She’s been a vegetarian since she is in her mummy’s tummy!
  2. She has durian-phobia since young. Her dad tried to encourage her by offering $10 if she could finish one durian. However, the moment she took the first bite, she cried! It was too awful for her to finish up the durian.
  3. She started playing volleyball when she was 13 years old, after watching a Channel 8 show called “Beach Ball Babes”. Can anyone remember this show?
  4. Although she’s born in Singapore, but she only became a Singaporean after she converted her citizenship (from Malaysian to Singaporean) when she was 21.
  5. This is her first job in an office setting because she used to think that office jobs were boring. We hope she thinks otherwise now!

Ace of the Quarter

We have just announced our Ace of the Quarter in July for Quarter 2. Congratulations to Jade, Associate Editor, who has been nominated for these attributes: Care for Stakeholders and Communication.

Upcoming team-bonding events

Watch out for our September newsletter!

Upcoming public holidays

Singapore National Day 09 August 2023